Life Empowerment provides an individualized, person-centered, trauma-sensitive approach to responsive caregiving. This approach is tailored to the specific and unique needs of the Person(s) in service and governed by a solution-based outcome model. We empower each person to reach their potential while respecting their cultural, spiritual, and life diversities. We support them to pursue an enriched and fulfilled quality of life that celebrates their gifts and desires. Life Empowerment specializes in providing support to People in service living with complexities to include, but not limited to, dual diagnosis, mental health considerations, addictions, behavioral, mental health supports, sensory supports, brain injury, and criminal justice involvement; or any combination of these supports.

Life Empowerment supports people out of Barrhead, and the Barrhead Area, Whitecourt, and the Whitecourt area; and is open to any Person(s) in service meeting the target population criterion. Outside the service area will be considered.

Life Empowerment welcomes People in service and their families through adult services by PDD, insurance, Health, or other independent funders; children through FSCD and Ministry of Children’s Services, or other independent funders. This may include, but is not limited to, individuals with developmental disabilities, the need for significant behavioral supports, addictions, mental health, sensory considerations, brain injury or other disabilities.

Along with the Person in service, their guardian(s), doctors, funders, Support Team and others they wish to include in their life planning; we will gather to plan yearly outcome-based goals in your life, which will be broken into eight areas called “Domains”:

  • Physical Well-Being
  • Material Well-Being
  • Emotional Well-Being
  • Personal Development
  • Self-Determination
  • Interpersonal Relations
  • Social Inclusion
  • Rights

For children and vulnerable youth, our Service Delivery is monitored and measured through the following five key outcomes:

  • Supporting vulnerable children to live successfully in the community
  • Children in temporary care will be reunited quickly with their family
  • Children in permanent care will be placed in permanent homes as quickly as possible
  • Youth will be transitioned to adulthood successfully
  • Indigenous children will live in culturally appropriate placements and receive culturally appropriate services
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Typically, this can be up to 24-hour support. Community Living Supports can include 1, 2, or 3 people sharing a home, while working on life goals, skills, and plans (for example: your support team will help with daily living; personal budgeting; health and wellness; planning your days; learning your rights; building relationships; etc.).

As a part of the Person in services’ community living, we will support them to engage in their community while being involved in activities of choice and interest. Through this support we are providing People in service with opportunities to build healthy relationships, and to expand their natural supports and connections (for example: be support them to be involved in self-advocacy groups; recreational events; etc.).

We support you in looking for work; and we will support you in working as much as you wish to. Your team will advocate to ensure you earn fair wages and treatment in the workforce (for example: your support team will help you to write resumes; learn the necessary work skills for the jobs you choose; learn your employment rights; provide you the necessary on the job support(s); etc.).

Life Empowerment provides supports for People in service during transitions throughout their lives. This is provided through an assessment of needs, the development of a transition plan, and research of potential Service Providers available to the Person in service to carry out their transition plan. This service area will provide you the necessary support to make the transitions from each stage in your life (for example: from high school to working; living with your parents to living with roommates in your own home; transitioning into life as a senior citizen; etc.).

We will provide support if you require time away from your home or current placement. This can range from two (2) hours up to 24-hours and can be either in your home or away from your home. We also will provide long-term respite for as long as you require (for example: you will stay at a respite home for a couple of days while your family is away; etc.).

We will support Individuals in a finding suitable roommate(s) to provide them up to 24 hours of support daily while sharing a home, and home life responsibilities.