Life Empowerment, support services in Barrhead and Whitecourt

Life Empowerment provides individualized services for people who live with disabilities. We empower each person to reach their potential while respecting their cultural, spiritual, and life diversities. We will support them to pursue an enriched and fulfilled quality of life that celebrates their gifts and desires. Life Empowerment specializes in providing support to Individual's living with complexities. With focuses in dual diagnosis, mental health considerations, addictions, behavioral, and criminal justice involvement; or any combination of these supports.

✔ The purpose of Life Empowerment is to be an industry leader in providing individualized programming and support to Individuals while focusing on quality of life, empowerment, and community inclusion.

✔ Our focus is services for people who experience complex or multiple disabilities. This group includes Individuals with development disabilities and the need for significant behavioral supports; addictions; mental health supports; sensory supports; brain injury supports; or other disabilities.

✔ Life Empowerment supports people out of Barrhead, and the Barrhead Area; and is open to any Individual meeting the target population criterion in the Northeast Region. Outside the service area may be considered.

Enlighten, Inspire, Encourage…while celebrating life.